We are changing so you do not have to give up on your projects

We are transforming so that the safety of our campus can provide peace of mind for students and their families. To guarantee their well-being, care and development above all. So that students can continue studying with all the necessary support, in the face of any future scenario.

We are launching Prepared2: the plan for the change you deserve.

The safety you deserve

We are adapting classrooms to meet distancing measures and we are putting up protective panels in all offices open to the public. Cleaning and disinfection of spaces is being redoubled, before and after classes and meetings.

We are making timetables more flexible to avoid crowding and we are placing disinfectant gel and sterilisation mats at all entrances. Students, teachers and staff will wear masks at all times when they are with other people, for example, in class.

We are providing PCR tests and specific medical insurance for the pandemic that covers assistance at our Clínica Universidad de Navarra. For symptomatic students, a protocol is being established for following guidelines issued by the healthcare authorities.

The teaching

you deserve

The quality of our teaching is backed by international rankings: we are the third University in Europe, just behind Oxford and Cambridge, according to Times Higher Education.

In spite of the circumstances, we have completed 100% of the teaching planned for this year and assessed all final dissertations. Adaptation to the virtual campus involved 1,000 online sessions a day for our students. For the 2020/2021 academic year, we want to maintain this standard of quality and therefore:

We are guaranteeing the continuity of the academic year, preferring in-person classes, but with the capacity to teach 100% online if temporarily obliged by circumstances to do so. 

We are applying our own teaching methodology, integrating the best of face to face and digital practices.

digital to ensure that the course can be continued remotely if necessary.

We have made our program


The assistance
you deserve

The crisis is having an economic impact on families and we are going to adapt to the circumstances of each student, personalising the matriculation fee.

Now more than ever.

for providing support for nearly 3,000 undergraduate and master’s students.

The personalized service
you deserve

In the face of uncertainty, we are intensifying the ways we listen in order to simplify processes and be closer to each student.

We are creating a virtual office for our students’ medical queries and concerns (atencioncovid@unav.es)

Address all queries and provide information about Prepare2, our risk prevention plan to ensure teaching and support for students

Simplify processes for matriculation, starting studies and advancing from one year to the next.

Respond to mobility difficulties encountered by international students in relation to the crisis.

“Our commitment is now to help our community recover, offering knowledge and collaboration to public institutions and to companies, educating  professionals with a sense of solidarity and making progress on research with a social impact.”

Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero,
Rector of the University of Navarra

In an uncertain context where the questions have changed, 
it is time to find new answers, backing people.

We will continue to provide solutions.

We will continue to disseminate knowledge.

We will continue to perform research, accepting the challenges that arise, so we can build the future that society deserves together.


Current challenges are requiring an extra effort from organisations. The University of Navarra is therefore undertaking to do our utmost in the area of education and in finding solutions to new social needs.

The change
you deserve


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And a personalised guidance
and monitoring team in
each School to:

And a personalised guidance and monitoring team in each faculty to:

We are creating a virtual office for our students’ medical queries (atencioncovid@unav.es)

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